“Our children were very excited for Joanna’s visit! Upon entering our nursery Joanna was warm, friendly and passionate about the work she does. Joanna was very relaxed and had realistic expectations of the children and outcomes. She was blown away by how well our children behaved during her session; however, this is a credit to Joanna for carrying out such a fun, interactive and knowledgeable class for our children. Our team, as well as the children had a very enjoyable experience. Thank you Joanna!”

Kido Greenwich Nursery

“Joanna joined us in the nursery for a Healthy Eating session.

As a mum in the nursery Joanna has strong relationships already with the team and children however it is her calm, nurturing and understanding nature that meant the children were completely engrossed in the session from the start.  Joanna had a pre-planned session that she shared with us, and we were able to ensure it was tailored to the group of children we had. To ensure we followed our food hygiene and safety policies we provided the resources needed for the activity and Joanna followed our policies and cutting guidance.

I absolutely recommend Joanna and have already shared with our other nursery sites, that I know Joanna is organising to visit soon too.”

Kido St. Patrick’s Montessori Nursery

“The information provided by Joanna has been so helpful in reassuring me and making me feel confident in the choices I make regarding nutrition for fertility and pregnancy. Joanna has been incredibly helpful and supportive during what has been a very difficult time for me. She was always there to offer her advice and answer questions, and always dealt with my personal circumstances in a very sensitive way. I would definitely recommend Joanna if you’re looking for information, advice or just some reassurance about your diet, particularly during the important stages of trying for a baby and pregnancy.”