My Services

I offer services in the following settings:

1:1 Consultations                       Group Workshops                       Nurseries & Schools

1:1 Personalised Nutritional Therapy Sessions

As your Nutritional Therapist, I provide nutrition and lifestyle support, guidance and advice and work with you to empower you to feel your best self.

Anyone who is part of your health journey is welcome at the consultations (do let me know in advance) or they may wish to sign up for separate consultations for their own tailored nutrition programme and/or advice on how they can best support you.

Consultations can take place in a number of different settings – please get in contact to discuss – they can include:

(1) an SE1/Central London location;
(2) in the comfort of your own home (up to 30 minutes travel time from Waterloo);
(3) via Skype/Zoom.

How Do Consultations Work?

All consultations are unique and tailored towards you and your goals.

Research is undertaken prior to and after every consultation so that each time you can be sure that the advice given is wholly based upon your individual needs.


Ahead of the initial (first) consultation, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out and return to me approximately 1 week in advance of our first meeting. This allows you the time to consider and reflect on what you would like to get out of the consultation. Once I have received your completed questionnaire, I will take great care to read through your history, objectives, concerns and/or symptoms to guide my research so that we may get the most out of our time together.  The consultation will focus on your wellbeing and my research so that you leave feeling confident you have the advice and tools in place to move forward.

I highly recommend that we meet face-to-face for our initial consultation so that we may get to know each other within a comfortable and confidential setting.



Follow-up consultations are to discuss how you have been feeling since the initial consultation (or previous follow-up) and whether the suggested actions have helped you. Again, we will discuss your overall wellbeing and come up with recommendations that are suitable and achievable for you.

Group Workshops

I offer in-person & online group workshops / presentations / Q&A sessions
(available to speak on a variety of health-related topics dependent on interest of the group)
Contact me here to discuss your requirements.

Nurseries & Schools

I offer healthy eating & simplified nutrition sessions with children in a nursery / school setting
Contact me here to discuss your requirements.